Gene Smith


Gene Smith was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1932.  He worked odd jobs from the time he was 15 when he had a paper route and delivered papers on his small, homemade motor bike.  Before finding his niche in the oil business and starting his own company, Gene had a passion for all things mechanical.  He was an avid pilot and had a photographic memory that allowed him to memorize large amounts of documents at a time.  Gene designed and engineered many types of equipment including a Polymer Mix System that had the ability to cut polymer loadings by as much as 60%.

His knowledge of oil rigs landed him several jobs from the Middle East to the jungles of South America and to offshore rigs all over the world.  Gene enjoying living in Columbia, Bogota, Tripoli, Dubai, England, Scotland and Norway.  He also worked on the Prudhoe Bay pipeline in Alaska.  In between his work on rigs, Gene was drawn back to Fort Worth and after several years of working around the globe, he decided it was time to settle down with his wife and family back in Fort Worth.

MSmith USA, originally Morris G. Smith Exporting, began in the garage of Gene’s Fort Worth home. He started with a desire and curiosity to make a faster and better machine and to take his company as far as possible without fully coming out of retirement.

Gene is often referred to as “the walking Bible of the oil and gas industry” and was an Expert in all fields of oil service.  He was a Master of Explosives for Perforating, Logging, Wireline, Drill Stem Testing, Cementing, Stimulation, Acidizing, Special Tools, and fracturing.  He provided equipment specifications and requirements for many US manufacturing brands and provided support in their equipment manufacturing projects. He also was responsible for developing training courses for equipment operations.

Gene left his legacy and knowledge to his youngest son, Jason, who continues to run MSmith USA today.